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Industry Giant II demo available

JoWood releases a playable demo of its upcoming business simulation sequel.

JoWood Productions has released a new playable demo of Industry Giant II, its upcoming management strategy game that lets players create and run their own company. The demo lets players play through a portion of the full game. It can be downloaded from the links below or from the official JoWood Web site.

Industry Giant II will let players assume the role of an entrepreneur in the year 1900. Players will build their company up through the decades to the 1980s. They must locate and obtain raw materials, create products, and manage the distribution through trains, ships, trucks, and airplanes. The game includes more than 150 different possible products for players to produce and sell.

Industry Giant II is scheduled for release this summer.

News source: GameSpot

Download: Industry Giant II Demo @ JoWood Productions (42Mb)

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