iPhone ranked #1 In U.S.

Apple topped the sales charts in Q3 for its mobile device, the iPhone, with 6.9 Million units shipped.

Apple reported that the third quarter sold more units than previous quarters combined. This news isn't exactly shocking, after the release of the 3G iPhone, and the dramatic price drop by AT&T, where phones go as low as $200 with a two year contact.

With the launch of the iPhone just over a year ago, the iPhone finally gained a top spot in the U.S. Market, beating the Motorola Razr, ranked #1 for 12 straight quarters, with the BlackBerry Curve in third, LG Rumor in fourth, and LG enV2 in fifth.

Apple's strong selling point this quarter was the help of AT&T's price drop, and the use of the 3G network. 3G is the most recent change to the Apple iPhone, next to the upgraded 2.0 firmware. 3G is the latest in mobile phone standards and technology, with very few mobile devices supporting 3G networks in North America. The rate of which data can be transferred onto the device wirelessly without the support of WiFi, is 14.4Mbit/s down, and 5.8Mbit/s up.

This device also comes equipped with features using the 3G network, like GPS, a web browser, iPod, hundreds of applications via the AppStore, with a list of free and paid applications. The device also promises more features in its next upgrade with the 2.2 firmware including on the fly Podcast downloading and Google maps street view.

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