25 years ago Bill Gates showed off Windows 1.0

Twenty-Five years ago Bill Gates gave the world Windows 1.0. No one knew at the time what would become of Windows but looking back it's quite incredible what it has become.

Bill boasted about a graphical user interface, or as he called it then, the 16-bit graphical operating environment, was a step up for the computer industry. The feature list was long and distinguished for its time but seems trivial by today's standard.

Regardless of what you think about Windows you can't deny the fact that it changed the landscape of our culture in every fashion. Who knows what OS we would be all running today if Windows 1.0 never saw the birth of light ( Fun fact, Bill Gates wanted to call Windows 1.0 "Interface Manager").

Windows has defined today's modern computing. From Windows 1.0 to Windows 7 we all owe Microsoft a little due diligence. Hats off to you windows and enjoy your birthday :)

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