Italy ISPs ordered to block access to KickAssTorrents

Italy's Internet Service Providers have now been ordered to block access to yet another popular download site. reports that a judge in that country has order that all of Italy's ISPs block any access to KickAssTorrents. The country already blocks access to The Pirate Bay. It also blocked access to another download site, BTjunkie, but that site closed its doors of its own volition earlier this year.

The decision to close access to the site came after an investigation by Italy's Guardia di Finanza, In a statement, the organization said:

This is another memorable dark day for digital piracy in Italy. After starting with The Pirate Bay in 2008 and the final closing of the doors at BTjunkie in February 2012, the Guardia di Finanza has targeted another super-pirate platform, virtually located in the Philippines and servers scattered around the world.

Launched in 2009, the site is now reportedly the third most popular torrent tracker on the Internet with three million daily visitors. So far the site has yet to issue a comment on this new move by the Italian courts.

This news follows the reveal a few weeks ago that the largest UK-based ISPs were ordered by the courts to block access to The Pirate Bay site. The site later added more IP addresses to allow UK and other European users access to the site.

Source: TorrentFreak

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