Japan Airlines will offer charging packs for first-class passengers on domestic flights

If you’re a frequent traveler sometimes it can be difficult to find time to charge up your important mobile devices. While some people have portable ways to charge their phone or have phone cases with an extra built-in battery, most people are tied to some sort of physical power outlet. Many airlines also have power on the plane for customers.

Unfortunately, those traveling Japan Airlines on domestic flights were left without a means to charge their devices, as the seats had not been updated to accommodate charging. The company has remedied the situation for first-class passengers by offering in-flight mobile battery chargers starting July 7th, 2014.

Japan Trust Technology, a well-known manufacturer of mobile device accessories, will be providing the massive battery packs that should accommodate even the most demanding passengers. The MobilePower MP-16000 will have 16,000 mAh of battery, capable of outputting 5V/2.1A, that will quickly be able to charge tablets, smartphones, and more.

The MP-16000 will be conveniently located in the front pocket of every first-class seat and will allow passengers an opportunity to charge without asking a flight attendant for the product. Japan Airlines has not announced when they will offer this to other passengers or when it will upgrade the first-class seats with power outlets.

Source: Japan Airlines | Image via Japan Airlines

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