Kaspersky hit with SQL injection

A group of Romanian hackers had sent a warning email to Kaspersky that an imminent attack is about to happen, and it in fact did just that, 1 hour after sending the email. The attack was a SQL injection into the company's database, but was unable to extract any real data, because the hackers were not advanced enough to.

An obviously embarrassed Kaspersky, an anti-virus and Internet security software developer, was ashamed that their web site was breached. The attack made an SQL injection on the newly launched US web site, which could ruin the company's reputation in the market of Internet security. Hackers using the SQL injection could have deleted or displayed data from the database by injecting unauthorized characters into the database.

Kaspersky has said if the hackers were more advanced, they could have stolen more than 2,500 email address with activation codes to their new products. Kaspersky is still unclear what the motives behind the attack were, and is investigating the matter.

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