Intel to invest $7 billion

Intel has made plans to introduce a two year plan that will help to build advanced manufacturing plants in the US with its nanotechnology. The 32-nanometer chips will help to create faster manufacturing facilities that use less energy to keep the US on top of the most innovating country.

Up to 75% of all manufacturing occurs in the US with Intel's computer processors, with 75% of its sales going overseas, where Intel hopes to turn a profit by investing $7 billion dollars in these manufacturing plants. The manufacturing plants are expected to be the building blocks of the technology industry in a quote from the company:

"These manufacturing facilities will produce the most advanced computing technology in the world. The capabilities of our 32nm factories are truly extraordinary, and the chips they produce will become the basic building blocks of the digital world, generating economic returns far beyond our industry."

The potential economic buster could come from the computer industry, starting with Intel producing 32-nanometer processors. With energy concerns on the rise, even recently from Google, consumers and businesses alike are looking for faster, more powerful, cheaper and energy efficient technologies.

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