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Lenovo announces new ThinkCenter M series desktops with 8th Gen Intel Processors

Lenovo today announced new ThinkCenter M series desktops aimed at businesses, including tower PCs and thin client like devices. They include the M920 and the M720 Tower and Tiny models. The company calls the devices “Flexible and Modular”, and says that the desktops are suited to diverse workplaces, including inhospitable environments, credit to the rigorous testing conducted on them. The new devices feature Intel’s 8th generation Core vPro (Coffee Lake) processors and boast of additions such as Thunderbolt and USB-C connectivity, with some models including expansion slots to upgrade some of the internals.

ThinkCenter M920 and M720 tower (t) and small form factor (s):

The tower and small form factor versions of the M series desktop feature the latest 8th generation Intel Core (Coffee Lake) processors with vPro capability. The updated design also makes these desktops ideal for smaller workspaces, the company says.

Additionally, the desktops come with features such as PCIe expansion cards, enabling a certain level of expandability and modularity, and a feature that Lenovo terms “chassis E-Lock”. This feature essentially “protects key components inside the chassis by detecting unauthorized intrusion and locking the chassis from inside”. It also includes Smart-On on some models that allow for the user to press “Alt+P” to power on desktops that are out of physical reach.

ThinkCentre M920 and M720 Tiny (M920x, M920q, M720q):

The ‘Tiny’ range of devices incorporate many of the features found on the desktop models, albeit in a smaller footprint. The company claims that these devices “mark the industry’s first one-liter form factor desktop with PCIe expansion options”.

The M720 Tiny will employ two separate options for either quad Network Interface Card or Serial port expansion. The M920 Tiny, on the other hand, will include a Thunderbolt port expansion option, with the M920x Tiny also supporting a discrete graphics option.

The Tiny range of devices can be used with different mounts and stand kits. These devices also support multi-monitors and can be used in various space-constrained environments, says the company. The Tiny-in-One displays, additionally, offer the option to convert the Tiny PC to a touch-enabled all-in-one PC.

It is interesting to see Lenovo bring Type-C Thunderbolt connectivity options to its business line offerings. Businesses are usually late adopters of new technology, considering the legacy nature of systems and peripherals used in workplaces.

The new ThinkCenter M series desktops announced today will be available in July 2018, with pricing expected to be announced closer to availability.

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