Logitech brings its MX518 back from the dead, available for preorder at $59.99

Logitech is bringing back the MX518. Originally launched in 2005 and discontinued in 2011, the mouse has been a long-time favorite for gamers. As put by Logitech, it is considered to be “the finest gaming mouse of all time.”

Its design and shape inspired the many gaming mice that were released by Logitech in the following years, but none quite replicated what the original MX518 had. The new iteration of MX518 retains the original’s shape, but the internals have been updated to keep up with modern standards.

There’s a 32-bit ARM processor powering a 16,000 DPI sensor on the inside, delivering a 1ms report rate. Onboard memory is also present, with all eight buttons being fully remappable.

On the outside, while the shape remains the same, the materials are not. The new MX518 also does not feature the iconic “reflective, holographic finish” that gave every unit a unique bullet-hole look. Instead, it features a “Nightfall” finish.

If you are in China, all of this may be old news for you. Logitech made available the MX518 in that region over four months ago. At the time of writing, it’s being sold at a discount on JD.com for ¥199 ($29.44). It's available for preorder in the U.S. at $59.99, in the EU at €59.99, and in the UK at £51.99.

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