Lots more Angry Birds on the way

Angry Birds Xmas

It seems like only yesterday when Rovio Mobile launched its insanely popular Angry Birds upon the Android world. The game was so popular on iOS, that it was sure to be a smashing success on whatever platform it made it to. After its Android launch, the game quickly reached a million downloads in a single day. Since then, Rovio Mobile has added a 4th world to the game, leaving users with plenty of levels to work through.

Well, as with any new game, users are pummeling through the levels and are itching for something new. To satisfy these folk, Rovio Mobile released a Halloween edition of Angry Birds for iDevices. In another follow-up, as pointed out by Android Police, the world can expect oodles of additional Angry Birds "really soon."

According to some back and forth twittage, Rovio Mobile has confirmed the following for all its currently supported platforms:

  • There will be a Christmas edition of Angry Birds
  • There will be a 5th world update to the current version
  • New birds are "on the drawing board"
  • Releases/updates are coming soon

It's safe to assume that some new birds will make their way into the 5th world update and Christmas edition, though the specifics of Rovio Mobile's plans are unknown. There's also no word on whether or not the company plans to launch Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 before the end of the year.

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