Lumia 900 takes top spot on Amazon's 'Best Sellers' list for AT&T


The Lumia 900 went on sale (pre-order) only a few days ago and if Amazon is a reliable market signal, early signs show that the Lumia 900 is off to a great start. The device has taken two of the top three spots on Amazon’s ‘Best Sellers’ list for AT&T with the black model taking the top spot and the cyan model taking bronze medal (via WMPU).

It will be some time before we hear any hard sales figures unless Nokia or AT&T decide to release the numbers outside of their earnings calls (and they may not even announce it then). That leaves Amazon as the only indicator of how well pre-orders did in the first few days.

The Lumia 900 is Nokia’s return to US soil with a flagship device. While the Lumia 710 has been on sale for a few months, Nokia is about to bombard the US airwaves with advertisements as it kicks ‘rolling thunder’ into high gear.

If you ordered a Lumia 900, let us know in the comments about which model you will be picking up. Many of you took part in our weekend poll, asking if you already placed your order in or if you are bypassing the Lumia 900.

With two color options available out of the gate and white coming in a few weeks later, Nokia has a color for just about everyone and when you sign a new contract, you can get the device for free.

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