IE team utilizes HTML5 to create an interactive music video

The Internet Explorer team at Microsoft has recently been creatively promoting its browser with non-traditional advertisements. That trend continues today as the team has linked up with Jasmine Villegas to create a remix of the music video for “Just a Friend”.

As Microsoft has done in the past, the team is pushing the HTML5 performance of IE9 and uses the technology to change the way we are accustomed to viewing music videos. By logging in with your Facebook account (you can opt not to do this too) your content is pulled in to the music video. There are also other segments where you can interact with the music video and one example is that you get to go bowling with the singers.

There are many points of interaction in the video that show off the power of HTML5 and of course the performance with IE9. There is also a behind the scenes section that details out how the video was created. On the topic of the bowling scene mentioned above, the blog states:

HTML5 canvas elements overlaid on live action video. In the bowling scene, for example, we track the lane and add a 3D game layer over top. The result is an augmented reality feel

While you may not be a fan of the music, it is worth viewing to see how HTML5 can be used in non-traditional ways to create a rich viewing experience. 


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