Lumia 900 to go on sale April 8?

Lumia 900 / Lumia 800

The Lumia 900 is arguably the most anticipated phone of the year. The premium Nokia device will land on AT&T in the near future and will be Nokia’s big push in the US market.  If you have been salivating at getting your hands on the device, WPcentral is penning that April 8th is the launch date for online/phone orders and April 9th will be the day you can get the device in the flesh.

WPcentral is also stating that the final firmware for the Lumia 900 is set to be released tomorrow which coincides nicely with an early April launch.  As with any rumor, the date is subject to change and until Nokia/AT&T confirms the launch date, take this date with a grain of salt.

Nokia is betting big on the Lumia 900, which we already got our hands on back at CES, to be a big hit when it lands in the US as the company will be promoting the device as its flagship model.  From our initial impressions, Nokia has a well built, highly attractive device, but as with everything, price and subsequent competition will determine its long-term success.

Nokia has already started its return to the US with the Lumia 710 on sale at T-Mobile and the Lumia 800 at the Microsoft store. The company has undergone a monumental shift in its strategy by adopting the Windows Phone platform and Microsoft is counting on Nokia to help penetrate the highly competitive mobile market with their devices to help boost Windows Phone’s marketshare. 

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