Meta announces integration with SOLIDWORKS apps

Meta and Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to bring augmented reality capabilities to the latter’s SOLIDWORKS applications. The announcement makes Meta the first company to offer 3D CAD viewing capabilities within SOLIDWORKS applications. The headset maker believes the implementation will help users in many ways.

In the announcement, Meta said:

“This AR integration between SOLIDWORKS and Meta enables a simple and more natural design visualization for SOLIDWORKS customers on the Meta 2. Furthermore, the Meta 2’s wide field of view and direct hand interaction creates an easier and more immersive experience than virtual reality. Through this collaboration between Meta and Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS brand, consumers of 3D CAD are no longer limited to viewing models on a 2D screen, and product design can become three-dimensional.”

Meta is touting three main benefits to the AR integration; speed, accessibility, and efficiency. When you begin to use the Meta headset with SOLIDWORKS, there’s no need to make unique build models as existing ones will work, in a plug and play manner, with the Meta headset. In terms of accessibility, the technology is not limited to experts, sales teams or training professionals can view the 3D models easily. As for efficiency, the 3D CAD models supposedly have a significant impact on time-to-market, cost optimisation, and on revenue by shortening the design review cycle, increasing sales conversion and by enhancing training comprehension.

Initial access to the new technology will be restricted to a private beta programme that will be invite-only. If you’re interested in joining the programme, sign-ups are now open.

Source: Business Wire

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