Microsoft explains why they oppose government demands for personal data

Microsoft has not been shy about fighting the remarks made against the company that they are working with government agencies and allowing them to access their data at will. After the leaks by Edward Snowden, Microsoft's reputation took a hit after it was stated that they were helping the NSA crack encryption keys. Microsoft was not alone in being called out by the leaks but for a company building out a billion dollar cloud business; the brand needs to be protected.

In the weeks and months following these accusations, Microsoft has gone on the offensive to quiet the fear mongering that its data services were compromised by the US government. In the latest round of pushing back against the government, Microsoft's top lawyer, Brad Smith, has been conducting interviews about this topic. The most recent being with the Wall Street Journal and you can watch the interview at the top of this post.

The comments are business as usual: government is bad, our data is safe, and the company will push back at any request to access our customers information. Smith also goes into more detail about why he and Microsoft are opposed to government requests too.

We suspect this will not be the last we hear about this topic from Microsoft. Considering that their cloud business is a multi-billion dollar operation for the company, they will continue to shout from the roof-tops that their platform is secure from all intruders, government included.

Source: WSJ

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