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Happy Sysadmin Day!

In a world where everyone is connected and people expect instant access to everything at any time, the demands on systems are higher now than ever before. That also means that the demands on the people who keep those systems updated and running is also at an all time high. The last Friday of every July is Sysadmin Day and is a way to raise awareness for those folks who are woken up at 2am to fix stuff so that you can have fun on the Internet.

Some find the day silly, but in a world where we have a holiday for pretty much everything (July 23rd was National Hotdog Day), it seems fitting that we'd have a day to say "thank you" to the people that keep our connected world afloat. How should you show your appreciation? A simple thank you is appreciated, but you can go further if you want: Buy a cake to celebrate, a cute desk toy from ThinkGeek, or anything else you can think of.

How do you think we should recognize Neowin's own sysadmins, Redmak and DaveLegg? Let us know your thoughts; Neobond promised that he'd take the best ideas and implement them immediately, so be as creative as you want!

To our readers who are Sysadmins themselves: Keep up the good work and thank you!

Source: Sysadminday.com | Image via quickmeme.com

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