Microsoft looks into mass suicide threat at Xbox China plant

In a case that seems similar to previous events in China in 2010, CNN reports that Microsoft is investigating reports that workers at a Foxconn plant that makes the Xbox 360 console had threatened to commit mass sucidie as part of a pay dispute.

In a statement, Microsoft said:

Microsoft takes working conditions in the factories that manufacture its products very seriously, and we are currently investigating this issue. We have a stringent Vendor Code of Conduct that spells out our expectations, and we monitor working conditions closely on an ongoing basis and address issues as they emerge. Microsoft is committed to the fair treatment and safety of workers employed by our vendors and to ensuring conformance with Microsoft policy.

Foxconn did admit that there was a worker protest at its Wuhan, China plant but that it was now over. It did not comment on the mass suicide threat reports.

In 2010, a number of Foxconn employees in China did in fact commit suicide at work as reports came in of poor working conditions and low pay at those plants. Foxconn reportedly made Foxconn workers sign anti-suicide contracts in 2011.

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