Microsoft rumored to have considered buying OnLive

The Internet was hit with a big leak earlier this weekend when an unknown person decided to release a two year old series of documents from Microsoft, showing its classified plans for the future of the Xbox game console. While those files have since been deleted from its original source on the site, the cat is pretty much out of the bag at this point.

One of the more interesting things found in the leaked documents, via Ars Technica, is that Microsoft also writes about some potential threats to the success of the "Xbox 720". One of them is OnLive, the streaming PC game service that first launched in the US two years ago today.

The document state that in Microsoft's opinion, OnLive could "up-end the console gaming market by making expensive consoles and PCs unnecessary for AAA gaming." That same slide also mentions OnLive as a "potential acquisition target."

Other possible threats to the success of the Xbox 720, according to the leaked documents, include expected sources like the Nintendo Wii U (called the Wii2 in the slide) and the Playstation 4. It also names Google TV and Apple TV as other possible issues that the Xbox 720 might have to deal with. It's important to point out that this leak consists of documents that are two years old and that Microsoft's strategies would have likely changed since then.

Source: Ars Technica

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