More rumors emerge on Microsoft-Yammer deal

Earlier this week, rumors hit the Internet that Microsoft was close to announcing that it was going to buy the business-themed social networking company Yammer. Yet another story said that the deal was official and that the asking price could be over $1 billion. Neither Microsoft nor Yammer have confirmed or denied any of these stories so far.

Now Business Insider claims, via unnamed sources, to have some more details about this Microsoft-Yammer deal. For one, the actual price that Microsoft will pay for Yammer is still in question. The article states, "We've heard $1 billion, $1.2 billion, $1.4 billion, and $1.6 billion. That suggests that there might be some continued negotiations over price."

The story also says that the main deal itself "has been pretty much locked in for weeks." However, Microsoft wants to announce the Yammer acquisition sometime later than its planned reveals for its big, and still somewhat mysterious, press event happening on Monday. Bloomberg states in a separate story that the official reveal might happen at the end of June.

Finally, even with all of this buyout rumors, Yammer is still reportedly hiring new people to work at its company, despite previous reports that it was holding off on bringing in new team members because of the Microsoft acquisition.

Source: Business Insider

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