Microsoft shares details on Windows Phone momentum

At its Worldwide Partner Conference today, Microsoft discussed many aspects of its product portfolio, highlighting how well its Azure cloud platform is doing, and announcing that Office 365 is the company's fastest-growing corporate product of all time. But another remarkable statistic that the company shared was that despite its massive 90% share of the PC market, its share of the total device market - including not just PCs, but also smartphones, tablets and other connected devices - is just 14%.

The company's share of the global smartphone market now stands at around 4% - a tiny proportion, especially against the 80% share of Android phones. But there is some good news to share on the Windows Phone front, and Microsoft's chief operating officer Kevin Turner shared some details regarding its momentum around the world. 

Windows Phone remains the fastest-growing smartphone OS, with 91% year-on-year growth. Turner said that that growth figure has roughly doubled since WPC 2013. There are now eight markets around the world in which it has double-digit market share, and it is the number 2 smartphone OS in 14 markets, outselling iPhones in 24 countries around the world. 

There are now more than 270,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, with a further 500 being added every day, and around four billion apps have so far been downloaded from the Store. Since Windows Phone 8 launched, monthly revenue from paid apps has increased by 440%. 

Turner also spoke positively about the Nokia acquisition saying that Microsoft's "goal in moving into first-party hardware is to continue to drive and accelerate the ecosystem."

Lower image via Microsoft WPC 2014 live stream

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