Microsoft to offer education sector a 'unique' Surface 3 with only 32GB of storage

Microsoft has been pushing its Surface into the educational sector for several years now, and to help bolster those efforts the company is offering a 'unique' Surface 3 for these markets.

While Microsoft is not listing the price of this device, seeing as it only has 32GB of storage, the 'unique' aspect likely means it will come at a lower cost. Currently, Microsoft is offering pre-orders of 64GB and 128GB versions of the tablets to consumers; it does not appear that you can buy the 32GB version unless you are in the education sector.

This type of a device makes sense for this market, as these devices typically don't need a lot of software on them, and are used in limited scenarios throughout the day. With only 32GB of storage, this will lower the cost by removing excess capacity that would have never been used. In addition, Microsoft is still offering a 10% discount on all Surface products to schools as well.

The Surface goes on sale early next month and if you want to get it a closer look at the new device, make sure to check out our review here.

Source: Microsoft

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