Microsoft unveils new Fluent icons for its Edge browser

Today, Microsoft announced that it's introducing new Fluent Design icons in its Edge browser. It says that it hasn't updated the app's icons since around 2014, when the latest was Microsoft Design Language 2 (MDL2). Now, it's claiming to be early adopters of Fluent Design, although it's actually talking about the latest, 2020 version of it. The Fluent Design System was originally introduced in 2017, and it was promised to arrive in phases.

Based on the images in the blog post, a big focus seems to be on the Refresh icon. It's a bit strange though, because the icon has barely changed. In fact, it seems to have just been rotated by about 45 degrees.

One thing that you'll notice in the image above is that both of the Favorites icons have more rounded corners. Microsoft says that this is the first of two phases of updating the iconography in Edge. This first one is for high-touch elements like tabs, the address bar, and navigational icons. The second phase will focus on things like Developer Tools and the Extensions experience.

Microsoft says that it's rolling out this first phase now, and as always, it wants you to file feedback. You can do this by going to ... -> Help and Feedback -> Send feedback.

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