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Microsoft to be sued over SQL Slammer?

Microsoft may be in court again but this time with a new twist. A civic group in Korea, People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), has said it is considering filing a class action suit against the Vole of Redmond. It says Microsoft should carry the can for the SQL Slammer worm.

The worm caused mayhem around the world last month when servers using Microsoft's SQL Server connected to the Internet became infested and started flooding the Net with traffic. PSPD says that a new "product liability law" holds a manufacturer responsible for damage caused by flaws in its products. So far, more that 3000 broadband subscribers have signed on to take part in any class action.

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Slammer spreads world wide in 10 minutes

Thanks to danbalsh for submitting this...The Slammer worm that recently crippled the internet was the fastest spreading computer bug in history, say security experts. An analysis of the attack has shown that the worm took just 10 minutes to spread across the world.

At its peak on 25 January, the malicious code caused scattered slowdowns in net traffic and effectively shut down the internet in South Korea, the world's most wired country. The experts said the attack marked a "significant milestone in the evolution of computer worms," warning that these sorts of bugs "should be considered a standard tool in the arsenal of an attacker".

News source: BBC News

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