MoviePass discounts its movie subscription to its lowest price yet

It was during the summer when MoviePass started offering its lowest priced plan yet, starting at $9.95 a month. This was met with some backlash, as AMC Theaters called the subscription plan "unsustainable", even going so far as to threaten legal action. Now, MoviePass is taking things a step further, offering a new plan that allows its users to enjoy movies for just $7.49 a month.

If unfamiliar with MoviePass, it is a subscription service for watching movies in theaters. You pay a flat rate every month and you are allowed to enjoy one movie every 24 hours. Those that are frequent moviegoers will find that the plan is more cost-effective than paying for a standard ticket each time you want to enjoy a show. While it previously cut the cost of its plan to under $10, the new plan brings the monthly cost down to just under $8. Yes, the firm is touting a price of $6.95 a month on its website, but it also adds a $6.55 processing fee, which bumps the price up to the previously mentioned $7.49 a month.

While this is truly impressive and seems like a great deal, there are a couple caveats. First, you will have to pay for a year of service in advance to get the price listed above, meaning you'll be paying $89.95 up front. Second, this is a limited time offer, with the price reverting back to $9.95 a month after the year is over. If interested, you can download the app on your smartphone or head to the link down below.

Source: MoviePass, Deadline via The Verge

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