Apple extends MacBook and MacBook Pro anti-reflective coating warranty

Apple has been dealing with fan backlash over the peeling of the anti-reflective coating on MacBook and MacBook Pro laptop screens since 2015. Apparently, the defective film is still a problem, as Apple has decided to extend the screen replacement warranty on select units to four years.

The stance was announced in an internal document passed out to Apple Authorized Service Providers, and obtained by MacRumors. The new free replacement warranty covers 12-inch MacBooks and the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros, with the exception of the MacBook Pros purchased in 2012.

Here is the list of the models, grouped by year purchased, and the year in which the warranty is set to expire:

  • 2013
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro: July 2018
    • 15-inch MacBook Pro: July 2018
  • 2014
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro: March 2019
    • 15-inch MacBook Pro: May 2019
  • 2015
    • 12-inch MacBook: April 2020
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro: October 2020
    • 15-inch MacBook Pro: Still sold
  • 2016
    • 12-inch MacBook: June 2021
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro: June 2021
    • 15-inch MacBook Pro: June 2021
  • 2017
    • 12-inch MacBook: Still sold
    • 13-inch MacBook Pro: Still sold
    • 15-inch MacBook Pro: Still sold

Apple told MacRumors it will not be making a public announcement, but instead, keep track of the warranty change internally. Two display replacements are authorized per serial number.

In addition to Apple keeping the program fairly confidential, the company apparently has prohibited online advisors from mentioning the replacement program, so users may need to visit their nearest Apple service center. You will need a Genius Bar appointment, or can talk to a service representative on the phone by going through the Get Support page. Be advised that Apple reps may not know about this yet, as it is a fairly new policy, so your complaint will need to be escalated if that happens.

The damage is caused by a manufacturing issue, and not a user problem, hence the warranty coverage. It is likely the damage is caused by pressure from the keyboard and trackpad on the display while the unit is closed, or using unauthorized cleaning products on the screen.

Source and Image: MacRumors

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