NeoBytes :) Man tears tendon while playing Candy Crush for weeks, doesn't even notice

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Many of us have, at some point, got a bit addicted to a mobile game, and perhaps spent a little too much time playing it. Whether it was back in the days of the Fruit Ninja craze, or you still find yourself wanting to beat your best performance in Wordament, mobile games can be pretty addictive - and let's face it, that's kind of the point (at least as far as most developers are concerned).

But as we all know, you can have too much of a good thing, and it's easy to take things a bit too far, as one guy from California recently discovered. The 29-year-old had got himself well and truly hooked on Candy Crush, playing the game more or less all day for at least six weeks.

As BBC Newsbeat reports, the repetitive strain that he was putting upon his hand while constantly tapping the screen ultimately took its toll, and he tore a tendon in his thumb. But even more astonishing than someone physically injuring themselves while playing games on his phone, is the fact that the guy didn't even realize he'd done it.

A ripped tendon is a very painful injury and it's remarkable that he didn't notice - and the extent of his injury was such that it even required surgery. But the most intriguing part of all this is a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on the incident.

The report claims that this is an example of playing video games 'interfering with when we feel pain', especially when playing for extended periods of time. It also recommends further research into ascertaining whether this 'pain relief' is a factor in why some people play video games to excess - seeking to numb some pain, becoming addicted to that relief, and then inadvertently injuring themselves.

Dr Andrew Doan, a co-author of the report, said: "We need to be aware that certain video games can act like digital painkillers."

That's one research paper we can't wait to read.

Source: BBC Newsbeat |
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Even more disturbing, a 29 year old man is playing Candy Crush and has absolutely nothing to do for 6 weeks.


Nailed it.


My thoughts exactly!


candy crush is the biggest scam of century. they should ban it like they did for drugs. I think its not different than drugs. its free first, once you get addicted you have to pay for upgrades and it takes your life away and harms you in many ways like did for him.


Really addicted?? No offence to anyone, but I cringe a little when I see middle aged people playing these games.. These changes are meant for children, my 7 year old niece loves this game, then we have 29+ year olds hooked to it??

I seriously can't imagine my parents playing these games, I'd freak out if my dad told me he's playing any game on his phone... Albeit a kids game!

but anyway how the times are changing..


These games **


WTF! How can someone play that boring game for six weeks, lol :D

Figure 8 Dash

"There's no time. We have to get that bullet out now! This vodka should numb the pain."

*swipes bottle away*

"Give me Candy Crush, dammit!"


LOL that's hilarious


I still can't get why this game is popular... it's just another rehash of the same type of game that has been being put out since Bejeweled (first one that I can remember)

Alekos :p


Man : Doctor, doctor, i think that i broke my tendon.
Doctor : How do you do that?.
Man : Ahem... playing a cellphone game i think.
Doctor : What?.
Man : Candy Crush or some game like that.
Doctor : Ok.... (writing down "watching so much porn")


Of course playing games numbs pain. Concentration diverts attention away from it, it's been known for years, pain is all in the mind, the whole reason Martial artists are trained to ignore it. I should know, my lil lady is a Martial Arts instructor, as well as first aider :)


The report claims that this is an example of playing video games 'interfering with when we feel pain'

I disagree with this conclusion. If he was playing for weeks, that would involve LOTS of time not playing games, such as eating, going to the bathroom, getting ready to sleep. I mean, even if you're a chronic obsessive gamer, there are several hours when you don't and can't play.

I think he was just having a high pain threshold, didn't want the bother involved with going to see a doctor, hoping it'd go away by itself, or just tried to brush it off, ignoring it. Because he definitely wasn't playing all the time he had this injury...

Lamp Post

You usually notice the any pain or other effects as soon as you take a break from the game, so it's indeed odd if he didn't notice it while going to the bathroom or eating. Unless his mind was still so occupied by the game or he kept playing while doing these things.


Weak tendons! Back in the 90's and early 2000's, my brother and I gamed so much that we broke controllers. Now these young whipper-snappers are tearing tendons... ;-)


Haha! That's great, I just got an Xbox and the Mrs and I were playing killer instinct, after about an hour, her skin was literally blistering and coming off her thumbs.. Poor girl, going to have to train hard in order to get her Xbox thumb strengthened


It astonishing to know that some or a lot of humans ignore what their body is telling them. They abuse their body like it was something normal. When you over-dose or over-do a certain function that a body is in pain, stop da fncken thing you are doing. It means your body can't handle it any more.

It annoys me when 99% of people that I come to know does not use their senses. Like when you smell a certain food, the nose detect a certain fragrant that a bi-product of a certain protein makes, your body warns you by rejecting it. It make you feel dizzy or tummy ache. Humans can detect all these and your body can tell that it will suffer if you keep on with it. 99% of the people just don't care about it and continue on. That is what really tick me off to see how ignorant humans can be.


maybe his thumb already was hurting enough and thats why he didnt notice
in summer 2014 there was a stupid football game about the world cup in brazil, where the faster you tap and the ball goes inside the enemy football gate, the country you have chosen wins a game, and you play against other players so after 20 minutes of tapping like crazy, my fingers hurt so bad i got frustrated and deleted the game

but this guy is obviously stupid enough to put his health at stake for a stupid game like candy crush saga and he had it coming and he deserves it, i hope this will be a lesson to him and he changes for the better


The guy is probably also addicted to norco/vicodin, as so many people are, and just kept eating them and playing. Makes him a total moron on 2 counts there!!

I simply can't believe that ANY human can get addicted to some game, especially on some puny phone, as much as I see some people?!

As some one above posted, the times, they are changing, and definitely NOT for the better! With all the electronic gadgets around, the whole world is getting nothing but dumber!

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