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Embracer adopts new AI policy to enhance game development

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Embracer Group has shared its new approach to using AI in game development. According to the statement in its annual report, its own studios will adopt a "Group AI Policy". The policy aims to make games better through AI. This will include improving efficiency, adding intelligent behaviors to characters, personalization and optimizing gameplay.

The company sees AI as a "tool" to be used to make game development better. It believes it can improve resource efficiency, add smart behaviors and enable personalization. In the report, Embracer said it can create more engaging experiences with an AI approach.

AI has the capability to massively enhance game development by increasing resource efficiency, adding intelligent behaviors, personalization, and optimization to gameplay experiences, By leveraging AI, we create more engaging and immersive experiences that provide each player with a unique, dynamic and personalized experience.

Tomas Hedman, head of privacy and AI governance at Embracer, clarified that the company will not replace humans with AI. He emphasized Embracer's human-centric approach. "We do not want to replace people with AI, we want to empower them," Hedman said in the annual report.

Embracer suggests AI could make game development more accessible. It believes it might enable developers with disabilities to overcome certain barriers. The gaming giant is also mindful of legal considerations. It says it is tracking AI governance as a potential risk, noting that AI use is subject to laws and requirements.

Companies within Embracer Group that utilize AI within their operations are subject to general as well as specific laws and requirements that impact the development and use of AI. These requirements are, due to the nature of AI applications, comprehensive and require, among others, documentation, risk assessments as well as continuous updates.

AI may also produce unethical, biased, discriminatory or completely wrong results if it has not been properly trained, instructed or used for purposes it was not designed

Embracer Group has been making headlines lately due to layoffs and studio closures like Volition and Free Radical Design. It has already sold off companies like Saber Interactive and Gearbox Software. Just last week, Embracer shut down Pieces Interactive, the studio behind the Alone in the Dark remake.

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