Neowin Giveaway: Bag of Crap

In celebration of Neowin's 10 year anniversary, we decided that it would be best to give away a few things. Progressively, the prizes will get better as we get closer to the end of the month.  So to get started, Neowin is giving away a bag of crap.  

So what do you have to do to win this lovely bag of crap?  It's easy, post a comment below telling us how much you love Neowin. You can enter once per day and the contest will end on Friday, October 8th at midnight EST.  

The winner will be notified by PM and can be anywhere in the world as long as your country allows a bag of crap to be imported (and probably taxed). So what is in this bag of crap? Its random bits that I have gathered from press events, random things that have shown up in the mail and a few items that i stole from Neobond's house. Good luck to all!

Image Credit: Jeffery Beal

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