Neowin Gaming Podcast 009

Listen to the podcast on Ustream!

The NeowinCast Gaming podcast has had eight episodes in its brief existence so far but this week we are doing something a little different. Tonight, we are producing and recording our first ever live streaming podcast. Yes, John Callaham, Larry "DirtyLarry" Cooney and Tim Schiesser are all going to be discussing the latest gaming news and trends live and you can listen to all of it.

What will we talk about? Will we discuss the "Steam Box" rumors? Will we talk about the reveal of Assassin's Creed III? Will we talk about the current Game Developers Conference? You will just have to listen in and find out.

The live podcast is scheduled to begin at 7 pm Eastern time. You will be able to listen on the web site at that time. Please be aware that this is the first time we will have produced a live podcast so naturally we might encounter some unexpected issues.

We look forward to hopefully having you listen in to John, Larry and Tim live later tonight. For those of you who can't make, we will of course be recording the podcast and we will have it available for download, unedited, sometime later.

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