New image shows off the what the front display could look like on upcoming iPhones

Despite Apple having three different iPhones last year, the line up featured varied designs because of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. This year, it has been rumored that the three new iPhones will all feature a bezel-less look that is similar to the iPhone X. A new image has surfaced, showing off what appears to be either the front glass of the upcoming iPhones or screen protectors for those models.

Whether you hate or love the look, if the image is accurate, you can see that all three units will arrive to market later this year with a notched display. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell from the picture whether the notch is more svelte when compared to the iPhone X, but what we can surmise is that it isn't just there for aesthetics, and would indicate that all models of the iPhone this year will feature Face ID technology. Although the technology has primarily been used for security purposes, there is the chance that its features could be expanded with the next iteration of devices.

Apple is expected to announce its new handsets in a few months time, with prices that are expected to be more competitive this go-around.

Source: VenyaGeskin1 (Twitter)

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