Nine months after its release, iOS 10 is now on 86% of iOS devices

Today, at its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple unveiled iOS 11, the next major version of its mobile operating system. It's available now as a developer preview, with a wider beta due in a few weeks' time, and it will roll out as an update to supported devices this autumn.

Just under a year ago, Apple announced iOS 10, which it released to all users last September. Today, nine months after its release, Apple revealed that iOS 10 is installed on 86% of its mobile devices.

Apple made that announcement by highlighting the stark difference between the percentage of its installed user base running its latest OS, versus that of Android. Apple showed a slide which stated that just 7% of Android users are on version 7.x Nougat - but that statistic is now over a month old.

Google revealed its latest breakdown of Android version usage today, which shows that Android 7.0 and 7.1 are on a combined total of 9.5% of Google Play devices. But even with that increase, Android continues to lag far behind Apple's OS in terms of its availability to end users, despite Android 7.0 having been released almost a month before iOS 10 in August.

It remains to be seen if iOS 10 will top iOS 9's peak of 88% before the next version of the operating system arrives later this year.

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