Nintendo brings Mario Kart 64 and Castlevania: Dracula X to its Virtual Console

Nintendo has been producing high-quality games for its consoles for nearly three decades. While new titles with impressive graphics are all well and good, sometimes revisiting older games is just as satisfying. Nintendo's Virtual Console offers an abundance of older titles that pluck at the heart strings by evoking nostalgia. This week offers releases of the undeniable classic, Mario Kart 64 and perhaps a lesser known SNES title, Castlevania: Dracula X.

Mario Kart 64 will be available for those with a Wii U console for $9.99 as a digital download, while Castlevania: Dracula X can be purchased for the 3DS for $7.99.

Despite not offering a new console for the holidays, Nintendo has enjoyed a phenomenal November with strong sales of its hard to obtain NES Classic Edition. The company will start off 2017 announcing more details about its upcoming handheld hybrid console, the Switch. After its announcement in Japan, it will embark on its tour of North America to show off and give folks from the press and public a chance to demo the console at its hands-on experience, before its retail launch in March.

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