Nintendo has made simple voice chat quite complicated with its Switch Online app

We are only a couple days away from the retail debut of Splatoon 2 and along with the game, Nintendo will be launching its Switch Online app for iOS and Android to coincide with the release. While it won't go live until July 21, some have started reading through some of the app's functions, and are finding that voice chat might be a bit of a nightmare.

In order to use the voice chat feature, you will need to keep the app open at all times. That means that if you switch to another app, the connection will be terminated. Furthermore, users will need to keep the smartphone unlocked and the screen in order to keep using the app. As you can probably tell, this is extremely complicated for something that should be straightforward and simple.

While Nintendo is finally giving the world of online console gaming a real go, it is a bit sad to see that the firm struggling to produce a usable and friendly means to use its service. The process is currently so convoluted that one can only wonder what the response will be once it actually arrives.

Hopefully, Nintendo will find a better solution, as not all users have access to a smartphone or device that can download the app. Ideally, the firm needs to create a solution that will be integrated into the Switch console.

Source: Polygon

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