Nintendo NX console coming in March 2017

Nintendo’s new console, known as the NX, has been the focus of much speculation and anticipation from the company’s fans. Now, Nintendo has officially stated that the NX will be launched next year in March.

The announcement came as part of Nintendo’s latest earnings report, where the company mentioned its plans and releases for the next year. The NX is the successor to the unimpressive Wii U console, that failed to compete with the newer, more powerful Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Little is known about the NX, which was originally announced early last year. The only thing the company confirmed a while ago, and reiterated in its financial report, was that the NX is “a brand-new concept”, based on new ideas. Outside of official announcements there has also been speculation that AMD would the one to power the console and that the NX might run some flavor of Android, though this was rebutted quickly. At one point supposed leaked images of a prototype were floated around but those were fakes, so there’s no real info on what the NX might look like.

In either case, a launch early next year seems to be very much in line with the market. Both Sony and Microsoft are expected to show off new hardware at this year’s E3, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising for Nintendo to follow suit and unveil the NX around the same timeframe.

If that’s true, then fans of the platform have just over a month of waiting before they get to see what Nintendo’s been cooking.

Source: Nintendo

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