Nintendo Switch Online NES games get rewind feature with this month's additions

Nintendo has been consistently adding new titles to its library of NES games on the Nintendo Switch Online service. New games are added on a monthly basis, but new features aren't quite as common, which is why this month's update is a little more interesting than usual.

Along with the July releases for the service, Nintendo is introducing a new rewind feature, which some might perceive as cheating. Essentially, if you die in a game or miss a goal you were aiming for, you can now rewind time in your playthrough and go back to fix your mistakes. NES games are known for being very hard compared to modern games, so the feature is more likely aimed at younger players who have a hard time making it through these classics.

Aside from the new feature, the new titles added this month are Donkey Kong 3 and Wrecking Crew, neither of which is particularly major. There's also a new special edition of Mighty Bomber, where players will start in the final zone and with all the conditions necessary to get the best possible ending in the game, though there's still some work to be done.

While the addition of more games is always welcome, some players may feel that more variety is long overdue, especially since evidence has hinted at the possibility of SNES titles coming to the service as well. It remains to be seen if and when Nintendo will actually make those titles available to users.

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