Nokia looking for exclusive European partners for WP8 launch

A new report indicates Nokia is looking for exclusive European partners for its next round of Windows Phone devices, which will feature Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. The partnerships are being sought in an effort to obtain better marketing and promotional content from the carriers.

According to a Financial Times report, Nokia is looking to completely revamp its marketing strategy in Europe when it launches its first Windows Phone 8 device later this year. The company has begun discussions with wireless service providers in the continent to create "partnerships that would help create dedicated support for its smartphones, initially through one or two networks in Europe." The report indicates that the service providers would also receive a "financial stake" for sales of the devices. One of the wireless service providers in talks with Nokia is France Telecom, the report said.

As AllThingsD points out, Nokia attempted a similar strategy in the United States, where its Lumia 710 was sold exclusively through T-Mobile and its Lumia 900 was sold only by AT&T.

Nokia released its interim report for its second financial quarter of 2012 last week. Despite selling four million Lumia devices, Nokia posted an operating loss of €826 million (approximately $1.02 billion). The interim report stated the company expects to post a similar loss in its next financial quarter; Windows Phone 8 is expected to launch late in the year, which would place it in Nokia's fourth financial quarter for 2012.

Via: AllThingsD
Source: Financial Times

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