OnePlus Two is on the way - but it won't be here for a while

Although the OnePlus One hasn't exactly had a trouble-free start in life, the device itself is certainly impressive. With a compelling mix of high specs and a low price tag, it's no surprise that some are already wondering what the company has in store for the future. 

OnePlus dropped a couple of hints about what it's working on in a Reddit AMA, and among the revelations it was confirmed that the OnePlus Two is in development - but it will be some time before the new device arrives. 

The company said that the Two will launch at some point in the second or third quarter of 2015 - so it could go on sale as soon as April, or the wait may be as long as September. It added that it is likely to be made available with the latest version of Android, currently known as 'the L release', although it is likely that more OS updates will have been pushed out by the time the Two goes on sale. 

OnePlus also responded to questions about whether or not the company might release a smaller device than the One, which has a large 5.5-inch display. OnePlus said that it has been considering feedback from users carefully, and when asked outright if the Two will be the same size as the One, it said: "It may or may not be ;)" 

However, OnePlus separately told TechRadar that its new handset will not be as small as Apple's recently launched iPhone 6, so however big the OnePlus Two eventually ends up being, expect its display to be larger than 4.7-inches. 

Source: Reddit AMA / TechRadar

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