Opera for Android 52 comes with save to PDF functionality

Opera has announced the availability of Opera for Android 52. With the new update, Opera gets PDF support that allows users to print or save pages to a PDF document. In addition, the new tab gallery has been given a new look and feel, and now users can also adjust video autoplay settings, making for a less annoying browsing experience.

The headline feature in this release are the new PDF abilities that the browser offers to users. Whenever you want to print or save a ticket for a flight, train journey, or just want to save a receipt, Opera now lets you save a page as a PDF or print it out. The option to save the page as a PDF can be accessed via the three dot menu while the print option can be found in the share function.

Discussing some other features new with this update, Stefan Stjernelund from Opera, said:

“With version 51 we introduced the VPN feature in Opera browser for Android, and the feedback from people using it has been fantastic. Inspired by this we have set out to improve on the feature even more while ensuring that our infrastructure is prepared to handle the increased traffic. The version 52 of Opera browser for Android contains several under the hood improvements, as well as improved error handling with more informative messaging.“

Other changes made with this update include improved MP4 media playback and Webauthn support which will allow you to easily and securely confirm your credentials for instant sign-in. The update is available for download right now on the Google Play Store.

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