Opera Mobile for Android with hardware acceleration within a month

Fans of the web browser Opera will be pleased to hear that the company plans on releasing a version for the Android operating system within a month. The even better news is that the browser will ship with both hardware acceleration and pinch to zoom features added. The announcement was made earlier today at the Up North Web Conference. While some handsets have already shipped with another version of Opera called Opera Mini, this will be a full version of the web browser with many of the desktop features users have come to know and love.

Hardware acceleration will allow Opera Mobile to run much faster as well as improve navigation and the speed of the UI. Pinch to zoom, on the other hand, will allow you to choose your own level of zoom just as you can in Opera Desktop. We have no news right now on whether the browser will feature Flash support, but this is highly likely to happen thanks to most handsets coming with flash and Android 2.2 shipping with it.

Opera Mobile for Android will ship within the month for all versions of the Android operating system. For more information, you can check out the Opera Mobile for Android website.

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