Opera ships version 35, includes audio muting for annoying browser tabs

Opera has released version 35 of its boutique web browser into the wild, through their developer channel, which introduces a major feature as well as a number of other subtle improvements. The major feature release for version 35 is the Audio Muting button, which will allow a user to mute the audio from a specific tab, much the same way Firefox and Chrome work.

However, unlike those browsers, Opera has extended the option to mute the entire browser with a Mute All button on the address bar, which will silence all your running tabs.

The other changes included in the release are mostly included to address feature gaps between Opera and the other major browsers. These changes include highlighting the Bookmark Bar, which was difficult to find before and left casual users thinking Opera did not include one. There is also a new prompt to remind users when they close their last tab with a download running in the background that closing Opera will prematurely end their download. There has also been a few changes made to the settings pages, including a "simple settings", not enabled by default, and a "basic settings" page that combines a few more common settings into a single place, such as Download Location and the aforementioned bookmarks bar.

Those user-focused changes will likely be welcomed by the Opera community, especially the ability to mute annoying tabs, as well as bug fixes to the settings and bookmarks sync, which should start working better as the fix moves to Opera Mini and Android versions. Opera Developer is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Source: Opera

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