Panos Panay shares first photo taken with the Surface Duo

When Microsoft introduced the Surface Duo last year, there was no visible camera on any part of the hardware, and it was clear that the camera wasn't a major focus for the device. While a camera has seemingly been spotted in some live footage of the Surface Duo earlier this year, nothing is really known about it.

That has now changed, at least to some extent. Panos Panay, who leads both the hardware and Windows teams at Microsoft, shared a picture on Instagram yesterday, and it's the first publicly available picture known to be taken with the Surface Duo.

There's not a lot to be said about the photo other than that it's coming from Microsoft's dual-screen phone. Due to Instagram's heavy image compression, it's hard to judge the quality of the shot based on this sample, but at least it gives us some idea of what to expect.

The Surface Duo is officially slated for release this holiday season, but reports have suggested that it might actually come much sooner than that. Of course, those reports around the time the COVID-19 situation started to intensify around the world, so it's anyone's guess how things will play out.

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