Pinball FX2 coming to Xbox One, table transfers from Xbox 360 likely

It's hard to make a pinball game interesting on a computer platform because there's something magical about the physics of an actual machine. That said, Zen Studios has come as close as you can to a real machine with the Pinball FX2 platform and much like Stern is the last major player in the physical arena, Zen Studios is one of the only computer pinball companies around. Fortunately for gamers, they've put out a wide range of top-notch tables, including Avengers, Star Wars, and more.

Late last week, the company announced that the pinball franchise is going to be released on the Xbox One on July 31st. To entice users to download the free game, they're also offering the Sorcerer's Lair table - one of the best they've made - for free. While not all of the existing tables will be available at launch, many are, and the Walking Dead is coming out soon too

The biggest question that came from the announcement was whether users who have purchased tables for the Xbox 360 would be able to port them over to the Xbox One, a feature that the Playstation crowd has. Initially Zen Studios said that Microsoft was not allowing this, stating, "We know this is very important to fans of the Xbox 360 version, but we are very sorry to say that this was not an option made available to us on Xbox One."

But after a flurry of complaints online, Microsoft responded to Polygon and said that "with Xbox One, you are able to transfer add-on content from Xbox 360 to Xbox One for certain titles. We are working with Zen Studios to bring this feature to Pinball FX 2."

So although the tables may not transfer on day one, it looks promising that you'll be able to be a Pinball Wizard on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One in the very near future.

Source: Zen Studios, Polygon

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