Playing the convergence game

Several companies believe that a single device/appliance will be used to handle just about any entertainment task a user can throw at it. Especially Sony and Microsoft as they prepare/tweak their all in one entertainment devices for the digital living room. Both companies believe that the future of entertainment involves "convergence". You know an application that will be able to handle multiple tasks in the digital living room, problem is no one has been able to do it right.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has already unleashed its device, dubbed the PSX. The PSX has a built-in PS2 game console, DVD burner, TiVo-like video recorder, and other entertainment features. Problem is consumers are in no hurry to purchase it at a price tag of $1,000. Especially after Sony dropped several promising features from the PSX, such as MP3 playback. Though Microsoft doesn't have anything on the market that can compete with the PSX, it does have a plan that analyst agree gives Microsoft the edge. Microsoft's plan is to centralize on the PC rather than just the device. Right now the PC is where consumers store their music, pictures, and videos. With most of Americans PC-centric Microsoft seems to have an edge in this market, but it could also change warned some analysts.

Both companies have good plans, but I think Microsoft's is the best. I don't see a lot of consumers going with Sony's plan. Simply because it's too much work, when compared to Microsoft's approach. Using the data that's already on the PC is going to be a lot easier (if implemented correctly), and that's what's sells.

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