Polaroid's Pop camera finally comes full circle with its 3x4” printing capability

Polaroid is a name that is more often than not associated with instant photography. While the instant film camera fell by the wayside a couple decades ago, the nostalgic properties of the brand have more recently been leveraged to pluck at the heart strings of today's consumer.

For the past few years, Polaroid has offered a wide variety of cameras from film to digital, some of which have the ability to print instant photos directly from the camera itself. But to celebrate the company's 80th anniversary, the firm has introduced something a bit more special with the Polaroid Pop, which is its first digital camera with printing capabilities that can produce the nostalgic 3x4” print.

As mentioned previously, Polaroid has offered instant print solutions with its Zero Ink Printing Technology (ZINK) for quite some time, but a majority of the prints were quite small. In practice, there is nothing wrong with this, but when it comes to an image, a larger print can always be appreciated. With the 'Pop', consumers will finally get a product that comes full circle, as it will be the first digital camera in Polaroid's line that will produce a print that is similar to the iconic original.

As for the product itself, the Pop will offer a 3.97-inch touchscreen display, 20MP camera with CMOS sensor, and dual LED flash. The camera will also offer image stabilization and the ability to record video at 1080p. Furthermore, you'll be able to sync devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and print images directly to the Pop. Polaroid has not offered a price or release date for the product, but it will be available in different colors when launched.

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