PS4 gets unboxed on YouTube

If you follow YouTube gaming videos, you might be aware of the person known as "Francis", who has generated a huge following. That popularity is thanks in part to his online persona which is, well, sometimes a bit over-the-top when it comes to expressing his gaming opinions. As it turns out, that kind of content has impressed Sony enough to send him a PlayStation 4 console several days ahead of its November 15th launch date.

The clip shows Francis playing a game of Grand Theft Auto V when an unexpected delivery is made to his door. Francis insists he hasn't ordered anything but the unseen woman tells him it's from Sony. Naturally, he stops his GTA V activities immediately and opens the box to reveal a PS4 retail package, and then proceeds to laugh like he has received the key to Fort Knox.

The rest of the rather short clip has Francis checking out the new DualShock 4 controller (and then promptly throwing it over his shoulder) and examining the PS4 itself before connecting it to the TV screen. Unfortunately, he didn't actually film anything on the screen aside from a quick glimpse of the PlayStation logo. We are guessing that Sony put some kind of gag order on him to not post anything game related until the launch date.

Soon after that clip made its way online, Sony decided to upload its own unboxing video for the PS4. This clip was produced by a more professional team, and it places the console inside what looks like a server room for the big reveal. The video shows the PS4 itself, the DualShock 4 controller, a USB cable for charging the wireless controller, a mono headset, a HDMI cable, a quick start guide and the previously announced codes that give owners $10 in PlayStation Store credit, and 30 free days of PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited.

Source: boogie298 on YouTube and PlayStation on YouTube

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