Rumor: More Nokia code names leaked, including 'Goldfinger'

Nokia is still planning to sell off its Devices and Services division, which includes its smartphone hardware business, to Microsoft in the first quarter of 2014. Yet, the Finland-based company is apparently still working as if nothing has changed, at least according to one news sources

Internet rumor poster evleaks is reporting via unnamed sources that Nokia has a new list of code names for upcoming products:

As you can see, two of the names have references to the James Bond super-spy books and series. Goldfinger is the name of one of the super-villains oo7 has to deal with and Moneypenny is the faithful assistant to "M", the head of the British spy group, and the only woman James Bond never wants to take to ... dinner.

The other code names don't seem to have any immediate links to pop culture, although there is a long running Phantom comic strip featuring a costumed hero. "evleaks" doesn't offer any information on what products are connected to these code names, but there are rumors that Nokia could be holding yet another press event before the end of the year, so we may get some more information at that time.

Source: evleaks on Twitter

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