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New Xbox One commercial shows Kinect notification and zombies

Microsoft launched its Xbox One TV commercial campaign a few weeks ago, showing that the upcoming next-gen console can handle playing games, watching movies and Skyping with friends. This weekend, a new ad for the device started popping up on U.S. TV networks that expands on that message with a tale of a man who has to deal with a rather impulsive girlfriend.

While Microsoft has yet to officially upload the ad on the Internet, "egutier1john" has posted the commercial on his YouTube channel. It shows a man sitting on his couch watching a soccer match when his girlfriend Jennifer walks in the room. It's then that the Xbox One's Kinect sensor "sees" her and flashes a notification on screen, "Hi Jennifer." It's a solid display of the Xbox One's more distinctive features.

She then proceeds to take over her boyfriend's Xbox One activities by saying, "Xbox, show my stuff." The screen changes from the soccer match to Jennifer's dashboard. She asks the Xbox to go to "Dead Rising 3" where she begins to shoot some virtual zombies while her boyfriend just sits there amazed that she is playing such a game. We are not sure by the expression on the boyfriend's face if he is upset or just surprised that Jennifer turns out to be a fan of slaying the undead.

We will likely see even more of these TV commercials for the Xbox One show up in our own living room screens before it officially goes on sale on November 22nd.

Source: egutier1john·on YouTube

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