Respawn Entertainment is making a Star Wars game

Respawn Entertainment is currently hard at work on preparing Titanfall 2 for release. Respawn Entertainment made its name by making Titanfall for Xbox One and PC back in 2014, which has received high praise by many publications and gamers. Now that Respawn Entertainment has a little credibility under its belt, publisher Electronic Arts thinks the studio can handle a new game based in a galaxy far, far away.

Confirmed yesterday via press release, Electronic Arts (EA) has tapped Respawn Entertainment to make a new third-person Star Wars game. EA has a history with the Star Wars franchise, most recently with the hotly-debated, DICE-developed Star Wars Battlefront that launched late last year. EA expects Stig Asmussen, who was a director for God of War and left Sony to work with Respawn Entertainment, to lead the charge over the new Star Wars title.

EA has multiple Star Wars titles in development outside of this newly-announced project, some being helmed by talented studios such as Visceral Games and Motive. These upcoming games are all a part of a licensing deal EA made with The Walt Disney Company after the company acquired the rights to Star Wars from LucasArts.

Source: Electronic Arts

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