Sea of Thieves 1.1.5 update celebrates Banjo-Kazooie, also brings a ban wave

Banjo-Kazooie turns 20 this year, the Rare-developed platformer originally released for the Nintendo 64 back in 1998 to rave reviews, and the developer is celebrating the anniversary on its pirate adventure title with a new item that landed with today's Sea of Thieves 1.1.5 update.

The new limited-time Bear & Bird Figurehead for ships can be bought for 1998 gold, and is only available for purchase until the end of July, so any Banjo-Kazooie fans looking to decorate their ships with it will have to purchase it before then.

Meanwhile, Rare has issued bans for a number of players that were confirmed to be cheating in Sea of Thieves, with the developer adding that it "will continue enforcing a zero tolerance policy to this behaviour and taking regular action against any players who are found to be cheating."

Other changes that have arrived with the update include an exit to desktop option for PC players, some reduced clutter shop windows, and a new rocking effect for ships for when they get hit by cannon balls, similar to the powder keg explosion force that was implemented with the previous update.

Here are the usual lists of fixed and known issues for this update:

Fixed Issues

  • Multiple Megalodons will no longer spawn in the same zone.
  • Megalodon encounter music will no longer be heard on the Ferry.
  • 'Crew Management' and the 'Allow Friends to Join' text is now localised to all languages.
  • There is no longer an invisible rock in Thieves' Haven.
  • 'Skeleton Exploder' Title now shows the correct icon in the Vanity Chest.
  • There is no longer a wall on Plunder Valley that players can clip through to see outside the map.
  • VFX for lighting a gunpowder barrel now correctly appear connected to the fuse.
  • Players will no longer be teleported back to their ship when they shoot themselves from the cannon on the north side of Devil's Ridge.
  • Header and footer UI in shops is now consistent with the rest of the UI menus.
  • The 'More' button on all radials now properly updates when key bindings are changed and will no longer remain the same button.
  • Resource barrels on ships will not longer periodically restock if they are below the default level.

Known Issues

  • The 'Gunpowder Plot' Commendation and it's Legendary Commendation counterpart may not unlock.

This issue appears to be intermittent and we are investigating its root cause. We are aware that for some players, retrying the Commendation correctly awards it.

  • Some players travel in an unintended direction when fired from a cannon.
  • Bilge Rat Doubloons have not been correctly rewarded to a number of players who earned them through the Skeleton Thrones event.

We are investigating a resolution for this and will share information when available.

  • The Hungering Deep rewards were not received by a number of players who earned them.

We are investigating a resolution for this and will share information when available.

Don't forget that the Gunpowder Skeletons event is still ongoing, letting pirates earn some valuable Doubloons and exclusive cosmetics for their troubles. However, the very explosive skeletons, as well as the commendations and titles that can be acquired, will remain in the game even after the event's completion.

The servers are currently down for their weekly maintenance period and will be back online at 2pm BST/6am PT - if all goes to plan that is - with the new additions and changes that the update has implemented.

Sea of Thieves is purchasable via the Microsoft Store for $59.99 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title for both Xbox One and Windows 10. The game is also available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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