Sega pokes fun at Nintendo's stringent DMCA policies

Nintendo has been in the headlines recently for removing fan-made games using its IPs - such as the Metroid 2 remake and Pokémon Uranium - under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). However, another company - namely Sega - is employing an alternative approach towards the issue, by poking fun at Nintendo and telling its fans that it's ok to "make great stuff".

Recently, YouTube channel "GameGrumps" uploaded a playthrough of fan-made Sonic game Green Hill Paradise Act 2, praising it for being a fun game. And instead of sending notices to the developers to have the game removed, the official "Sonic the Hedgehog" responded to the video in the following way:

While Nintendo obviously has the right to protect its intellectual properties, characters and trademarks, Sega's alternative approach is certainly interesting. It allows both developers and players to enjoy third-party content based on the company's IP, which is the exact opposite of how Nintendo has reacted to similar issues so far.

However, it is important to note that nearly all Sonic the Hedgehog accounts on social media - especially the one on Twitter - are quite well-known for being outspoken and blunt, and it is possible that the company might change its stance on fan-made games in the near future, should the need arise. With that being said, the situation seems quite favorable for both developers and gamers for the time being.

Source: YouTube via Kotaku

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